Friday, July 4, 2008

Atomkeep on TheFunded

Some interesting stats...

As I discovered recently, Atomkeep takes the 4th place on TheFunded Connect by the number of supporters for it. The number of supporters sounds like a relative measurement of being an interesting project.

While the 4th place is not the 1st one (and easy guess, right?), it's still better than nothing for 14 days old Atomkeep. It makes even more sense especially when you'll consider that there are 15 different companies running live on TheFunded Connect (and potentially compete for number of supporters there) and 47 more that can't make to the list, yet.

More to come, first three spots are taken by the companies that generate some cash already and make $100-250K annually in revenue. The 1st place is breaking even and want to expand their business, the other two are still struggling, but making some cash. Atomkeep doesn't make any money, yet and we clearly state this.

Well, I might be wrong considering this as a competition, although, this is just the way I am — sometimes I feel to compete with anyone :). More likely it's just a nice measurement of what are you actually doing. I like what I do. And I happy to see that people like it, too.

We've got pretty much plans for Atomkeep. It's impossible to tell you everything in just few sentences of company introduction. We made a good judgment and don't stick to just one idea. There is no golden bullet, but the more times you fire, the more chances for you to get closer to the target (even occasionally and unintentionally ;).

Some of our ideas are already in development and hopefully will show up soon. Some of them are still waiting for more resources to come. We are receiving a lot of feedback these days. While we'd be happy to make everything that we've been asked for, sometimes we've got to make decisions and to pass on something. We don't remove anything from our tasks, though, we just save them for better days.

Some of your feedback really opens up a golden niche for us. I wish I can tell you more, but my partners would kill me and throw into the ocean within the few hours after posting that. ;) So I'd better keep silence. But, please, keep getting back in touch with us! ;)

P.S. My personally thanks for Adeo Ressi, the person who stands behind TheFunded. He's a pretty nice guy and I hope to meet him for a cup of coffee someday next week. ;)

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