Friday, August 1, 2008

Ray-Ban Warrior

I received my Ray-Ban Warrior sunglasses today. It was a tough purchase.

First of all, I'm pretty picky about the sunglasses. I constantly try something, but rarely like one. However, after two and a half years in California, I'm kind of tired of sun. ;)

So, my bro, insisted on me trying some of Ray-Ban sunglasses. I ended up with liking both Ray-Ban 3342 (Warrior) and 3343 ones. Pretty different styles though. ;)

When I finally made up my mind and decided to get Warrior's, I had to make a choice between the size (60 mm v. 63 mm), frame type (gunmetal v. black matte), color (Green v. Brown) and either polarization or not. The problem was that not much stores carry both sizes, as well as not much stores carry both colors. And I found no store that was carrying both polarized and not ones.

I'm kind of a person who wants to try both at the same time and make a decision. When I'm not given this possibility, the things are starting to kill my willingness to make a purchase at all. ;) Likely, it was pretty easy to make a decision about the size - while I thought that 63 mm ones (called "Large") would be too much for me, I was very wrong. Personally, I'd even prefer 64 mm ones (if they would exist). And it was kind of easy to choose between colors - Brown sucks a lot. ;)

Speaking about black matte, I had no chance to try it, but I didn't find it attractive while browsing online, so I decide to take gunmetal. And polarization was tough, however, I made it simple - originally polarized sunglasses were targeted to those, who're skiing, skating and doing any sport activity under the heavy sun. My lifestyle is pretty much different from this one, so an easy guess advised me not to mess with polarized sunglasses. ;)

Hopefully, I will like my new sunglasses not less then my new business card case. Surprisingly, both of my purchases tend to be the products from European market, incorporating the type and style of things in Europe.

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