Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reverse FriendFeed and AtomKeep

Robot Monkeys :: Reverse FriendFeed and AtomKeep

Well, I don't think it worth trying that much, Jonathan. Calling something an ugly hack even before trying it — it's a pretty wrong point. I don't buy you with my concerns? Well, I never meant to.

Atomkeep is not an "open standard" like you're proposing (but it addresses pretty much the same problem, though). We just solve the problem. People tend to use something because it helps, but not because it's a nice written spec on the table.

I'd be happy to have this discussion one day, but it looks like Jonathan is pretty much looking for Holy Grail and I'm just trying to make the things work (even when they're not supposed to, fragile and hard to maintain). It doesn't mean there is no solution that can combine both his and mine vision. Just keep looking. ;)

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