Friday, April 3, 2009


Okay, so I missed a day of study (was too sick for that, and I didn't think going over the questions in that condition can make any good for me) and next day (instead of problem solving) I had a few hours preview class on Manhattan GMAT. They're telling people about what GMAT is and were pitching their courses. I didn't really solve a lot of questions that day, but got a pretty good intro to the actual exam process, and what computer adaptive tests are. I never had CAT before so it's going to be a pretty new experience for me.

Well, as for now, I just turned over to GMAT part which is called Critical Reasoning (CR), and (from the first sight) it felt to me pretty easy. I was able to score 80% without even paying enough attention and being constantly distracted by my little son, whom I've got to babysit for whole weekend. (And you know, he knows how to distract you from studying.) The most of my mistakes were pretty careless. (Not an excuse though.) And I completed only 40 questions today. I'll try to make at least 50 or 60 tomorrow.