Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why I'm not using Windows anymore (and so happy about this!)

I was trying to stay away from the holy-wars, like Mac v. PC, Linux v. Windows, etc.  However, after wasting several hours as a result of just booting up Windows, I've changed my mind.  

I do run Windows in the virtual environment.  I user VirtualBox from Sun, which is free and pretty good to use (at least for my occasional needs).  This been said, I had a need in Windows and started it up. Making long story short: after doing a few searches in the Firefox, I've got a bunch of malware shit that literally dead-burned into my Windows.  

Oh, okay it's time for a few disclaimers:
  1. Despite of running inside the VM, I run my Windows copy *with* antivirus installed.  It was Avast! which actually screwed up badly.
  2. I was *not* searching for a torrent.  There are plenty of BT software available natively for Mac.
  3. No cracks, serials, or anything like that.  I don't use Win in my daily life, so let me repeat myself, no need for that, too.
  4. I was actually looking for a freeware alternative for Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%, which were putting my Win copy into "blue screen of death".

So several hours were spent on trying to get shit of computer.  This included a set of reboots (a lot of reboots actually - at some point I felt that I'm rebooting more often than I do change something) and many-manu manual fixes, like faked DNS on the network interface, modified hosts file and a bunch of registry mess.  Frankly speaking, as of the current moment of writing this, I'm still *not* done.

I am so freaking happy not to deal with this every single day.  Despite of what you may say, Mac is a clear winner for the majority of users.  Hopefully, the major software vendors will get this message sooner, than later.  (Anyways, they are already doomed, as the SaaS is already everywhere.  But it's a different story.)

Have a nice day... on your Mac.

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