Thursday, July 22, 2010

How bad MBAs for your startup?

Despite of the common belief that MBAs are typically bad for the startup, I want to disagree with this statement.  And to support my point, lets dig into the grounds of the issue.  

Entrepreneurs (typically, without MBA, so let me call them non-MBAs :) are coming to form the company, ready to fight for the vision, to lead the passion.  At some point there is a need for somebody educate to come onboard.  And when MBAs are coming in, entrepreneurs are often making a huge mistake: blinded by the name of b-school and degree, they forget to test candidate to share the same vision and passion.  

More than that, some entrepreneurs I know, don't think they need a passionate MBA.  Instead, they want a super smart and knowledgable person, to use the best of his knowledge to apply to their problem.  They don't even understand why passion is needed for these brutal business men, who are born (or made) leaders.  

But the startup is built by those who came to lead, not leaders.  MBAs may apply the best of their knowledge, but this wouldn't help to win the market, if they are non guided by passion and belief.  Yes, they'd definitely get some portion of it, but never the hearts of mass market, what you are really for.  

Disagree?  Try Start with Why by Simon Sinek first.  And than lets talk.

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