Friday, August 20, 2010

Peer reviews for self-improvement - PlusRated

We have recently started a new Web service. So I'm happy to invite all subscribers of my blog to it. To become one of the first our most valuable users, click at and register.

My team and I, we are huge believers that to be successful we need to know our weaknesses. It is just clueless to consider yourself to be a smart, efficient and pleasant person until somebody else does. And it doesn't matter that we often have people whom we don't care - there are always some whom we listen to and respect.
There are many ways to achieving this self-awaraness; however, the best way is simply just to ask politely. Ask our friends, colleagues, peers or managers a few simple questions: "Am I doing a good job managing my team? Am I a valuable asset to the company? How bad am I at organizing my time?". The more people we ask — the more objective the overall picture will be with respect to how we really are, how we behave, and how well we really do.

Intrigued yet?

We realized that there are many of you who want to self-improve, learn and grow; both from a career and personal perspective. That is why we have built PlusRated — the Web service that allows us to gather ratings and reviews from people with whom we know and stay in touch. PlusRated allows peers, colleagues and even friends to make an evaluation of your individual professional and social skills.
Self-awareness and knowledge is a very powerful means to achieve ambition and attain a more satisfying life as a whole. An every improvement begins with defining the starting point. So I urge you to get PlusRated for free now, to make your first step in learning yourself.

Welcome to PlusRated!

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