Friday, September 10, 2010

Google Apps accounts are being transitioned into "full accounts"

I'm so pissed of to see how badly Google executed the transition of Google Apps accounts into the "full status".

The thing is that historically I've been using account exclusively for products & services from Google, that I couldn't authenticate with my Google Apps account(s). That was fine, why not. Such services include Reader, YouTube, Wave and probably something else. However, I discovered that now whenever I'm trying to access services like Reader I'm logging in as my Google Apps account. Which is, frankly speaking, annoying. I have no reading lists there, as well as I don't want to use Google Reader' Share button to share some interesting link through my *new* Reader account (and I never know where it goes to, as I don't remember whom I'm logged in right now). What the heck? And I don't want to start toying with import-export things, because I do have some stuff looking at my Reader account, like Twitterfeeds, people who read my Shared items, etc. This is just bad.

What I am forced to do now is to swear every single moment I'm opening something I wanted, but finding myself into one of those (pretty numerous) accounts. This definitely doesn't make me a happier person. What it makes me, though, is to start looking for at least new online RSS reader for myself.

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