Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome To My Tiny Newsletter!

A few months ago I've started a tiny newsletter - a private mailing list that I decided to  devote to my Product Management endeavors.  It is based on TinyNewsletter service, started by Philip Kaplan, it's free (so far) and you can subscribe to it here:

It has been pretty occasional, barely once or twice a month.  I'm planning to keep timing for it about the same.  

While I'm still planning to keep both blog and newsletter active, ideally, I want to build a special environment in it which stimulates discussions and people can be free in sharing things around because it all stays private (and it really does).  Quite opposite to publicity of the blog, I want to keep up great topics surrounded by warm feeling, so you look forward every post.

I do appreciate any feedback in it.  A lot.  It could be as little as "Thanks" and... no limits. ;)  I am willing to improve and raise an interesting issues, so do not hesitate to reach out to me and ask.  Also, say it, if I'm doing something boring.  I prefer to rephrase Google's "Don't Be Evil" into "Don't Be Boring".

The content is not and would not be posted anywhere else.  While I have nothing against of readers sharing excerpts publicly, I'd recommend to keep it to ourselves.

If you or someone you know is interested in new products, startups, entrepreneurship and many other topics (including bike riding, snow boarding and even watchmaking - I'm passionate about wristwatches, been said - a fan, not a collector!), I urge you to join the subscribe here:

Thank you!

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