Friday, September 16, 2011

Simply notes, synced with Dropbox, Google Docs and more - Noteless for iPhone

I'm sick and tired of Notes app on iPhone.  What makes it even worse, is that they are out of sync all the freaking time.  If I need something to remember on the go, I can't just make a note - I feel that I have to deal with the whole world to keep them up.  It makes my life complicated and less joy.

Until today.  I welcome Noteless for iPhone  This is kick-ass app for iPhone that can make simple notes, and sync them everywhere.  If this doesn't appeal to you enough that means you probably don't live in information era, yet.

What could be better?  Only if you will get it for free (it's still cheap, while it's new on the market).  Updated: Unfortunately, I have only limited number of promo codes, and they run away fast.

Do you want to get it for free?  This is easy.  Twit about it and comment to this post why you want it - tell me any situation when you wanted it so much but it wasn't around (until today :).  And you'll get it.

First come - first served.  Free it is.

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