Friday, January 13, 2012

Twitter Digest: 1/13/2012

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  • Roughly 30% of revenue @evernote is coming from company accounts #AppNationConf #
  • This is perfect Product Market Fit! RT @johnketner: …cab driver processed my fare via @Square… fees are ½ of what cab company charges #
  • RT @Stanford: Stanford research in 2010 showed negative publicity can be good for small businesses, but this story takes the cake: http: … #
  • Evernote is your external brain. We never set to make enterprise software. 75% of users use it (Evernote) for work. #AppNationConf #
  • Top 3 Investment Books to Navigate 2012 | Vuru Blog #
  • Why You Ought to Throw Away Your Vanity Metrics for These 5 Customer Metrics #
  • RT @AndrewWarner: My Latest: How To Get Tons Of People To Tell You The EXACT Product They’re Desperate To Buy From You … And THEN .. … #
  • RT @davidds: Appears some confusion over “books” vs apps when taking content mobile. Maybe apple’s jan 19th conf clarifies things? #appn … #
  • RT @RebeccaWoodcock: A great mention on @Forbes! – How women burning out at work is good for business @GITweet @wo … #
  • RT @antonejohnson: Ideas For A Better Internet Summit 1/17 at Stanford – Great lineup @MitchellBaker @wadhwa @davidhornik @amac + more – … #
  • RT @lawrencecoburn: Seems that “how many apps do you have deployed” seems to be a proxy for progress. Not sure that’s the right measure. … #
  • 3 tier approach – custom apps, template approach and app that aggregates all. Spamming AppStore with all content they have. #AppNationConf #
  • How to decide what to appify first? A: Apps are for current customers, add more value. Over time – new things, mash ups, .. #AppNationConf #
  • Scott from Elsevier – SVP of eProducts #AppNationConf #
  • What It’s Like To Work Inside New York’s Most Aggressive PR Spin Machine #
  • RT @dhh: “I would like to buy shares in… why would you want to do that?”, funny xtranormal bit:
  • RT @ericylai: Genentech has 60 mobile apps, internal distribution is big challenge #appnationconf #ensw #CIO #
  • RT @Sequoia_Capital: “Enterprise customers want two things—proof and longevity.” @orege #appnationconf #
  • @ericylai I would love to mix them, but Dropbox does all I need, and i don’t pay a dime. #
  • Where does Box go when you penetrate enterprises? Refers to article “you don’t get to decide you are a platform” #AppNationConf #

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