Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekly Twitter Digest: 8/6/2012

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  • RT @benparr: Who Killed YouTube on the iPhone — Apple or Google? – #CNET tip @Techmeme #
  • What factors influence DAU/MAU? Nature versus nuture #
  • – making up social media strategies so you don’t have to. via @imjustmike #
  • Facebook’s Stock Crash Has Created A Bunch Of New Problems For The Company… (FB) #
  • RT @dennydov: На случай, если чÑ'о-Ñ'о пойдеÑ' не Ñ'ак, у каждой сильной и независимой женщины есÑ'ÑŒ гениальный запасной план: сесÑ'ÑŒ на жопу … #
  • The Biggest Apple Secrets Revealed During The First Week Of The Patent Trial (AAPL) #
  • Here’s The Part Of Facebook’s Earnings Call That Caused The Stock To Crash (FB) #
  • Can’t drink, can’t vote – but this teenager is hot property in Silicon Valley via @smh #
  • Cross Device Design Patterns #
  • I Got This Weekly Test Right: @whichtestwon #
  • MagSafe 2 #
  • Go Jake! RT @reuters: Accel beefs up big data team with new hire from Splunk #
  • Nadyne Richmond: Software Costs Money #
  • Time to think about cross device patterns that define how people, content, and services will flow between these devices #
  • New post! Weekly Twitter Digest: 7/30/2012 #blog #
  • And then the music stopped #

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