Friday, November 14, 2008

Borders 40% off worth nothing (or taxes suck)

I just passed through the 40% off coupon for Borders.

Well, I know that they are posting it against the list price which is unbelievably and unreasonably higher then the normal one. But I was considering buying a new book from Amazon, so I gave it a try to see the best price that Borders will give to me. Wow, it was $35.97@Borders against $37.77@Amazon. Less then two bucks, but still worth trying so save.

However, when I went through the ordering process, I got taxes charged, which made the price more then $39. And this doesn't sound like a good deal to me anymore.

So what's the conclusion? Amazon is the only place that gives you the best price. (This sounds spoiled, I know. But I really am.) Have fun, keep reading and save your change, you may need it when the layoffs will grow higher.

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