Saturday, November 1, 2008

New book that can make a fortune....

New book that can make a fortune.

Recently I came up with a topic for a new book — How To Make Sales in Web 2.0: Selling Your Service, Product or Site. Gosh, it's going to be a best-seller.  It can even make a small fortune.  As soon as somebody manages to write it. ;)

Unfortunately, there is no such book on this topic, yet.  Nothing even close.  Last several years were so overbuzzed for business-model-less ventures (also known aas I-can-do-it-all-with-ads!) that Web services that actually dare to charge a customer fade out.  But in the eyes of global crisis that everyone is experiencing right now (and this is just the beginning!), paid models are going to rise again; they will become the only way to make money in the Web (at least, for a few years from now).

Everyone knows that there are companies that can charge money for the services in the Web, they can be profitable and successful.  But nobody has a good understanding of how they do that.  Well, you can sit down with a beer and chat with your buddies about such companies and them being lucky, but this is not about luck.  This is about following your passion and having a clear roadmap of milestones that guides you through.

The book should answer this question, step by step, from the first line of the code, finishing with the first paystub paid by the revenue generated from sales.

Am I good a good author for such a book?  Hell no, not yet.  But, God knows, I keep trying. ;)

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