Monday, November 17, 2008

I've got a new MacBook Pro today

I've got a new MacBook Pro today. It's MB470LL/A model, pretty basic one. And I run Xbench test on it. It was interesting on is it better or still the same. Well, guess what.

I didn't expect it to be something super powerful, and actually it never was. ;)

I had a chance to compare it to my old MacBook Pro, one of the first models sold in March 2006. I also worked for a few days on MacBook Air, the first generation model (which doesn't make it less attractive, though. ;)

I got a really good deal on my MBP, so there is nothing I can complain about. Besides, having no SuperDrive, only USB Ethernet, only one USB and no Firewire on-board, could bring to my life less happiness than I got with MBP. However, the MBA was for me something really interesting and worth-while upgrading. The MBP became for me just a better thing to keep my things running on.

Seriously, if you're thinking about getting a new Mac, think about getting MBA (mean, MacBook Air).

P.S. Why, the hell, they changed Firewire port again? I've got buy a new set of cables now for my camcorder and external drive. This sucks.

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