Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GMAT Sentence Correction

There is one thing I can tell you for sure - Sentence Correction (SC) part is going to be the toughest one for the exam.

First of all, it took me 44 days to complete 17 questions. Well, I'm kidding. ;) I just got absorbed by my move from Pasadena to Millbrae, and had no chance to invest time for study during this period. However, after finally sitting down, I found myself scoring 5, which is Below Average by the books scale.

And, you know what, I'm not sure about any single answer in the part. It wasn't a "Russian roulette" for me, but it's more like what sounds right and what's wrong with almost no science and theory behind.

This is something I need to invest the huge amount of time to. But right now I'm turning the page, it's number 107 now and we'll see what it works out to.