Saturday, February 7, 2009

Progress on the move

I'm still out of the sync because of my move from Pasadena, CA to Millbrae, CA. While it's only 365 miles (~580 km, pretty similar like from Dnepropetrovsk to Kiev - the route that several of my Ukrainian friends use for commuting weekly) from my present place to the new apartment, it takes a huge amount of time to complete it. Hopefully, I can call it a day by the end of next week.

On other note, while I'm not a big fan of TV here in US - during last 3 years, I didn't ever pay for cable. I'm also not going to do this at my new place. However, I happen to watch some shows occassionally. In example, I saw few series of Wife Swap during my first days in US. I don't find this show to be interesting, but it can be an OK time-killer, just in case you need one. Lately, I was pointed to an interesting episode, which featured Stephen Fowler. Here is the link to YouTube of it.

I wasted barely 30 minutes of my weekend time, but I got fun instead, so I'm pretty happy with the result. And you know what, people can call him jerk, but I found him to be a pretty typical character whom you meet often in your life. And what can upset some of you even more, he's got grounds. From the other side, it does not save him from being called "pretentious, ignorant jerk". I don't know him personally, so I'd stay away from putting any marks on him. I used to never trust what you see on TV. It's never the raw truth, somebody has already edited that to some extent.

Somehow, I found that huge part of people who complained the most, are having troubles to understand British people. Well, they are tough. And pretty much rude sometimes. Unless you're ready to fight for you live beliefs, but not be a passive "proud citizen of some country" with a flag in hands, and waiting when somebody will do something to save your ass.

Having your kids overweight, accept that and say that "nobody wants to hear this anymore" was pretty much enough for me to become antipathic to the other-than-Stephen-family. You can do whatever you want to your life and your health. But acceptance of destroying your kids' life and health is the highest level of stupidity. Adding more idiotism on the top, just added some more juice to my criticism of "mid-western" point of view (however, I'm very concerned that this is a real mid-western style).