Friday, March 27, 2009

GMAT Data Sufficiency is not good

Within time, my success rate for Data Sufficiency (DS) is falling down.

However, this time it wasn't because of my stubborn brains. The most of errors were coming from "careless errors". Simply said, I just didn't take enough time and concentration on the most of them.

Having a constantly beeping laptop close-by adds a huge amount of distraction to the process. While I did my best to put it as far as it's possible away from my hands, I catch myself constantly dropping a sight at the screen whenever it changes, the message comes or whatever not. It's not like I'm checking it, it just disturbs me.

Sounds are pretty disturbing, too. While I'm tolerant to the noise (we're living in Millbrae, which is actually an appendix to SFO), CalTrain and airplane noises are pretty common during the day. However, something like music or talking can really add some mess to the right order of my thinking process.

Hopefully, pretty soon I'll get myself back into the order and raise up the score. I need to find the way how to tolerate the disturbance, because, according to my experience from PMP, the examination room is not guarranteed to be noise-free and stupid-knocking-mooing-cracking-neighboor free.