Monday, March 23, 2009

GMAT PS progress

It's pretty hard to keep up with 50+ questions a day. Sometimes, I found myself spending more then 2 hours for that, what is definitely unacceptable (for the real shot). I'm trying to take my time though to be able to remember all the staff I've already forgot.

While most of the GMAT questions don't go beyond reasonable basic math skills, sometimes some geometric questions are really killing me. Having my last geometries class (I remember about :) more then 12 years ago, it's really a torture to make myself remember all this rules.

What is also rather sad is my correct percentage rate. I'm making a tiny bit more 65% in PS, and I really don't like it. I think this equals to ~42Q, so staying with such numbers, I have to score at least 91% (~40V?) on verbal part to be able to step over 700 score (that's my goal). Scoring 91% on verbal piece sounds pretty tough for me.

Basically, my plan is I have to make at least 90% on quantitative test, so this means I need to get back to the books (which is also pretty tough, because now I need to learn math in English). However, the most of my errors are careless ones, when I'm trying to catch a fast number and don't pay attention to coefficients and signs and whatever not. (But keeping in mind that I'm spending occasionally too much time on these questions that's a pretty poor excuse).

Keeping notes about our weak areas is a good thing. After all, I'm going to prepare some flash cards, and I'll need to know what should they include. Preparing cards during the questions solving time is too much hassle for me, besides, results in duplicates, repeating myself again and again. I'm going to do this some time later, and I'll use the notes posted.