Friday, March 20, 2009

(Re)starting the GMAT preparation

I hope I can finally restart my GMAT preparation after settling up at the new place. I plan to complete at least 50 questions every single day, to be able to get some value from what I'm actually doing and keep preparation time reasonable.

While it doesn't seem hard for the most of math staff, I'm a little bit more concerned about the verbal piece. Anyway, the official GMAT books are about 1,400 questions, so it might take me about a month to get over them. I still have more on the table, but I want to nail them down first.

I tried it today, and completed a little bit more then 50 questions in about 30-40 minutes. Well, that was definitely too fast for the beginner, like me. I made about 20% of errors, mostly because of being pretty careless. Only few of them were really worth looking through the answer and thinking about what did I do wrong.

I already know that my behavior during the real test is really different, but still I want to be able to see the good results on preparation before I'll say I'm ready for the real shot. I should definitely arrange about 2-3 hours every day for keeping things done right.

Hopefully, I can complete the official guides by the end of April. We'll see. ;)