Friday, July 24, 2009

Almost done with math...

I'm completing the 4th math bin of Cracking the GMAT book. (Yes, I had a pretty big gap in my preparations. Don't ask why. :)

While the book advised me to work on 3rd and 4th bins (according to my warm up test), I decided to go over all of them. The 1st and 2nd ones took me a little of time and I scored a little bit more then 90% on the 1st one (very easy, only careless errors, I need to force myself to read question but not run over it), and about 80% on the 2nd one. I don't think I really got too much of it, more like a practice side. (Didn't took much time, so it's okay.)

The 3rd bin was a little bit harder and took me a little bit more time. I had a lot of distraction while doing it, had a lunch, took about three phone calls, so, it was kind of less well done, but I still scored about 70% on it. Not that much of careless errors now, though.

The 4th bin felt really hardcore for me. It's more like something you need to go over each question and learn the way how to solve it. I didn't complete it yet but I am scoring about 50% so far (pretty bad). If I can get my scores up 20% for this bin, I should say that would be good enough. The bad thing is that explanations didn't seem good enough for me. Some of them are too brief or like "this is a good example how to apply blah-blah-blah technique and with it you get blah-blah-blah". Well, you better show me how.

I still have to complete 3 verbal bins, hopefully, I'll have it done over this weekend or early next week. I'm not satisfied with the book, and while it costs $25+ I feel like I'm getting value only for a few bucks of it.

I have my official guides verbal and quantitative waiting for me, they're cheap and seems to be more useful. (Actually, I have even more books and practice tests to go through. However, I need to do this as quickly as possible, as I'm starting to put myself into much more strict time frame now.)