Sunday, July 26, 2009

Design for startups

I'm working with the wonderful team of designers and Web programmers. Most of them are my friends whom I know for a very long time.

Together we've built UIs for such projects like Shotscreen — online screencasting, Atomkeep — a social profile synchronization tool, Everytalks — dating & friendship across social networks, Strawlink — online candidate screening, Budgetler — personal finance management, and many more are in production and to be seen by public shortly. Most of them were already exposed to public and received a lot of positive feedback. UI & UX were important factors and our consumers were very happy of our products.

We have a great passion in building things and startups. So we decided to give an opportunity to startups to ask us for design for their startups. Even that our prices are very moderate, we are ready to consider deferring up to 50% of our fees until the startup raises some money. We would also consider an exchange for equity. (While we might not be able to defer more then 50% of our costs, we're open to different business opportunities.)

So feel free to ping me back if you have an interest in Web design for your company, we can also meet in person in San Francisco Bay area, I'm sure we can make it the right way and as painless as it can only be possible to get to the live site.