Friday, July 31, 2009


I just received two more books EZ Solutions Basic Math for GMAT and Advanced one.

I'm hunting down the high scores on exam. Achieving this from the first try saves me $250 (x times :), so an extra book is never too much. Of course, if it's not dumb and stupid and useless. However, I don't have much people around me to advise.

I had a quick sneak preview of them and it looks like the super practical, however, rather thin ones. Like 3 or 4 times thinner then Kaplan's on Cracking the GMAT books. And, as it often happens, I expect them to be at least 3 times more useful then others. :)

But okay, lets go over the Kaplan's book.

I run through the chapter 4 for a verbal quiz. There were 50 questions which I made 41 correct, giving me 82%. While I don't think that I scored well, as the questions were relatively easy, the most of my mistakes were driven my careless and too much distraction from the side of my email, IM and all other things.

As you can see, I still struggle to put myself into noise-free environment, so I should better learn how to deal with distraction. :)

I didn't really like the explanation part, which is a little bit too messy for me, with no clear points and the answer stated right away, missing the logical path of reaching to it. (Do I ask for too much?)