Monday, May 3, 2010

Usability testing

  1. $29 introductory price
  2. Instantly tap into our 24x7 panel of users
  3. Users match your target demographics
  4. Observe users in their natural environment
  5. Watch screen activity
  6. Listen to the users' voices
  7. Ask users follow-up questions
  8. Annotate and share results
  9. Export to QuickTime and .wmv
  10. 1-year money-back guarantee

Well, after being recently featured in the TC, is coming up with a panel of users, who'd be willing to user-test your site, record the video and talk-talk-talk about it. And this is all for a silly introductory price of... $29 per head.

Let me paraphrase it. You are ask some weird guy (or gal - you can choose the gender), within some age bracket (you can choose two or three age brackets), from some country (it can be as wide as "United States"), with some household income (definitely, there is some income - he needs to pay for his Internet connection, unless he's stealing his neighbor's wireless) to open your site, do *something* (if you're good enough in delivering your thoughts to the person in writing, you have fair chances to have it right) and than tell you about it. And this is all for... $29. Oh, don't forget that the guy will have "roughly 15 minutes" to complete the task (don't be silly to say "tasks"). It's... like... $116/hour. *I'm not paid that much.* Even close.

And the normal price is $39 per head. They do have some ideas or plans about revenue sharing (or they probably do this already), and it looks like $10 goes to a user, $29 stays in the pocket. It's sorta $30/hour for a user (decent paycheck for somebody sitting at home and just browsing sites, don't ya think?), and the company keeps the cream.

I mean, I don't want to rant or trash the idea. It's good, there is a need for it and it's probably useful. But come on. That's a decent cost. For such a premium I can bring a perspective client to the office, ask him to do the same shit, run a show for him, do the freaking sales pitch and he will still be smiling!

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