Sunday, June 7, 2009

The best unusual watches

Here is my list of the most interesting, but unusual and non-mainstream wrist watches.
  1. Tokyoflash. Very Asian-ish in good meaning, in the ~$100-150 range. Not much of them can be worn by someone who likes Omega or Rado and it looks like they're a little bit more about design, than functionality.
  2. Mr Jones. Funny design for ~$150. Nice thing to give as a present, but I don't see myself buying them.
  3. Diesel. I'm not so about Diesel timepieces, but I am very excited about their Frankenwatch. It averages about ~$220, and the design is really nice. I don't think that you're buying anything else, but the creative work, but it worths it (well, maybe a little less :).
  4. Haffstreuner. Little known german brand that idiolizes a nice industrial design. Some nice models can be found for as less as ~$200-260.
  5. Nooka. Averaged ~$250, pretty known nowadays, however, to my mind are mostly styled for women.
  6. Retrowerk. Priced about ~$450 is a little bit high, but they are extremely nice designed.
Need to do some homework and choose a right one for myself.

Also, one can hardly argue with the price and value combination of Seik0 5, which can be bought for less then $80, but still is very nice timepiece.

On the other note, I'm currently looking for a nice bakery in the Bay area. I've tried Dianda's Italian Bakery today, which is in San Mateo. Well, it's so expensive and really nothing interesting comparing to either Karina's Cake House or Flor De Cafe in Glendale. I'll keep looking though.