Sunday, June 7, 2009

Naming and more

After our third session at Founder Institute I decided to try the new techniques for choosing the name for the my new project.

Well, I failed. First of all, I am very bad at giving quantitative scores to the names (and that was one of methods). I just can't say how distinctive or how much energy is in the name, especially, given range from 1 to 10. That's not the way my brain works. :)

For the second, I found useful to have more name characteristics, but I'm still pretty stick to just a few of them, constantly trying to understand what other ones should mean. I can understand:
  1. The ease to say and spell.
  2. Brevity and energy.
  3. Is the name is attributed to the business? (not always important)
  4. Dot com availability. I can also consider awkward names like, but I'm still much to the old school of dotcoms.
So basically that's it.

And, yes, normally I start from searching the domain name, considering it's going to be the name. I don't really find it useful to come up with the names, and then look for the availability. Dot com is pretty much tight now, so likely you'll not have your name available. And I hate paying big bucks to get the domain name from resellers especially when your business even does not exist. I'm not a big believer into the fact that only the different domain name can make you a fortune (unless you got a really gold one and going to resell it for big times :).

I definitely learned a lot from the process of naming, but it looks like I'm going still do what I used to do before, maybe altering the process a little bit and add some more tricks and attributes to it.

On the other note, our next (fourth) session is going to be about IP. For those who thinks about IP as Internet Protocol only, in this case it's Intellectual Property. :)

I would be happy to write more on this subject, however, I never had any experience with protecting my IP rights before. I know how important is this, however, I don't really have a good idea of when should I do this and what actually should I protect. I saw so many weird "patents", that sometimes they feel to be more stupid, then crazy. I'm definitely going to learn a lot this time.