Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The book about Ron Conway

Recently I picked The Godfather of Silicon Valley

That is the book about Ron Conway with no doubts the most prominent angel investor in Silicon Valley.  I like to read biographies as they can be pretty inspiring.

That was a different book.  I can't really describe it, neither I can say that I loved it, but I "ate it" in just two days.  Not a typical biography-book.  However, it change my view of Ron Conway.  Unfortunately, I had no chance to meet him personally, yet, so my impression of him is solely based on typical TechCrunch- and Hacker News-type of a stories (which I tend to accept with a grain of salt).  This book gave me a chance to to see him as a talented businessman, but a not as a all-wanna-be-entrepreneurs-God-whatever.  And his networking circles can't leave you unimpressed anyways. :)

If you have got a spare few hours, I highly recommend this one.

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