Saturday, May 24, 2008

Damn, I need a backup laptop

Yesterday my MacBook Pro has gone for repair to Apple. I had a long list of concerns and guy at Genius bar was very patient listening to them and listing all of them for recommended repair.

The worse thing of AppleCare is that they do not provide a replacement laptop. Well, they provide a loan program for iPhone when you're sending yours for repair, so what about the laptop? It's way more important then some cell phone. I have a few spare cell phones at home so I can live perfectly well if I'd ever have to send my iPhone for repair. But I don't have any extra laptops. Hopefully the guys at Apple's repair center would be fast enough, because I miss my laptop a lot.

My friends gave to me an old Dell Inspiron B130. And it'd be great if the cooling fan of it would work. It does not. It freezes the laptop every 5-10 minutes and this is really not a thing I can use as a laptop. :( So I have to share the laptop with my wife and this makes both of us pretty unhappy. ;)

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