Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quicken for Mac v. ?

Being out of my laptop and out of my normal work place, I just realized that I'll also miss the Mac Quicken. I'm using it pretty often for keeping my budget on track.

Today, as I realized that I have nothing now, I started to revise the available online alternatives. Well, as I started with looking for a free ones, I ended up with and Few minutes later, I sadly found out that is aiming very different target then Quicken. The is somewhat closer, however, I still didn't find it to be useful as much as Quicken.

It looks to me that the accounting software needs to stay desktop application. However, it would be a terrific idea to be able to sync the online and offline versions of Quicken, so I could use Quicken for basic operations online, and still keep my desktop version for full features.

It's sad that Intuit decided to keep Online Quicken as a separate product, that is not sync'ed and not connected with desktop ones. I would be happy to pay an extra few bucks for that.

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