Friday, May 16, 2008

Looking for a CTO?!

Hacker News | Where to find a good CTO for your startup?


CTO is a Chief Technology Officer. This is a business executive position, for a person who takes care of the IT in the company. Very often it is the most important technical person in the company. However, this is not a person who writes code on a daily basis. This is a personal who takes care of long and short term technology directions (both strategic and tactical), focuses on business side of research and development processes and makes decisions about software to be used in the company.

CTO is not a developer. Developer (in the most cases) is not CTO. CTO is a top executive position. He (or she) doesn't need to code, it would be the waste of the time. Although I am a believer that CTO should have a substantial development experience, he does not need to develop any more.

While the person from the post I'm referring to is looking for a top technical person, this is definitely not CTO.

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