Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Web Usability Testing Tools

In the past few years, there has been massive growth in new and exciting cheap or free web site usability testing tools, so here’s my list of 24 tools you may need to use from time to time.

Gone are the days of using expensive recruitment firms, labs and massive amounts of time to create, deploy and report on usability tests.

By using these usability testing tools and others like them, you have for the first time a complete set of tools designed to tackle almost any usability research job.

From recruiting real users (with tools such as Ethnio) to conducting live one on one remote moderated tests (UserVue) to analyzing results of usability changes using A/B testing (Google Website Optimizer), there is a plethora of useful and usable tools to conduct usability testing.

Great and the most detailed review of usability testing tools. Craig saves you a plenty of time instead of evaluating these tools yourself.

On the other note, I've run an experiment on using Amazon Mechanical Turk for conducting UX tests. As I thought, it didn't real work out. About 80% of "robots" went the easy way and just clicked on the first selection available. And although they claimed to spend from 4 to 15 minutes on test (each), the control response points averaged less than 3 minutes for a test.

Few interesting facts. They did click on the first available option while running through the navigation-path test, however, they provided a very mixed responses for a final survey screen (one question with five answers pre-set). It looks like they felt like it'll be a good indicator of them bringing some value back.

The other thing, those ones whom I rejected from the final run because of too little of time spent or abandoning the survey (but claiming a completion), the good portion of them actually reached out to me by email fighting back. I guess they spent at least as much effort as was required for completing a survey just to bitch on me. :)

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