Monday, October 4, 2010

Bing vs Google

Bing 3 – Google 4

So based on the current results it’s really a very near run thing. I’m quite surprised to see this actually, evidently Bing’s UI is easier to navigate than I might have expected.

I think a lot of us have learnt behaviors for Google based on years of experience, so Bing is really doing well to stay up there with Google, especially considering the two UIs are quite far apart.

Both services could obviously make a few small tweaks to their UIs, but as you’d expect with two such popular websites, they are already very streamlined.

As more people take the test, we can expect to see results to evolve somewhat. Be sure to check back at to see how they change.

I feel like I am going to give Bing a try and see if it makes me feel better. :)

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