Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Posterous' Analytics is Broken

I was going through the Posterous management dashboard to review some of available functionality (which is, in fact, was not there, but that's a different story) and I got shocked by a number of pageviews of one of my posts.

My post was viewed 40K times.  40 thousand pageviews.  I was, like... I knew I can come up with a couple of interesting things, but... am I that popular?!

Not so fast.  The first time I got upset was when I saw that somehow and suddenly I became 10 times less popular.  See 4,044 vs 42,010.  Oh, this hurts and you are starting to nervously think whom did you call a douche bag or an asshole...

The second time was when I saw my Google Analytics stats.

It was a complete disaster. 2 pageviews versus 42,010.   This is a quite a difference.

Now back to the real world.  Of course I would never believe that I could have 40K eyeballs on that post.  So seeing so many pageviews has pretty much the only one explanation - these are internal or automatic pings or whatever you call them, could be probably done by a caching server or any internal process that I don't even have an idea about.  There are only two things about that: bad and bad.  The bad thing is that a post, that generates 2 real pageviews, probably should be never accessed 40 thousand times by any number of internal processes.  And the bad thing is that such statistics can piss me off, if I'd at any second believe it is real.  

Hopefully the guys at Posterous will fix that as soon as possible.


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