Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blogging vs Twittering?

Alex talks.: Ever wanted to see all replies to some tweet?

My brother (once again :) wants to abandon his blog. While I can't say that I never wanted to do this myself, right now, I am very sure I'll never abandon mine. (Never say never, though, as this is too long for a mere mortal.)

Speaking on this note, do you agree that Twitter can replace blog? I don't.

Twitter is an instant messenger with elements of exhibitionism. Twitter s good for public speaking if instant messenger is your thing. Blog is blog. It's also public thing, but sends you to the next level of officialism. Blog is more a PR tool, than Twitter. (Please, don't start talking about new age marketing. I know. But whatever will you say, Twitter makes it personal.)

Twitter is here for news headlines. Blog is here for content.

So if you here more to follow the hot news, welcome to the Twitter-world. If you here to provide grounds for the hot news, you can't stay away from blogging. I want to take the best of two worlds, and I bet you I will.