Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Few weeks in a nutshell

Well, I'm still under impression of Steve Ballmer speech at Stanford. :)

I was trying to pursue almost everyone I know in this area to join me for this seminar, but still went alone, after spending almost two hours in a 20 miles commute (my bad taking 101 south, but I never had any problems before and I'm attending ETL seminars weekly).

Never mind, even that I didn't bring anyone with myself, Memorial Auditorium had more then 1,700 people there. I was lucky enough to have a "student" ticket (students were seated first and in front of the stage, while public attenders were taking free spots and the upper level).

Not much things happening elsewhere. I still keep doing my GMAT sample tests, however, couldn't stay consistent with that, so my studies were a little bit unstructured (easy said). So it didn't work very well, so I'm going to squeeze my daily schedule to get back to pretty stable timing and plan.

I'm a little bit confused about the speaker for the next seminar. One of the Stanford's calendars shows Jeff Hawkins, and another one — Larry Ellisson from Oracle. While both of them worth listening to, Larry is a pretty big person. :) We'll see though.

From the other not, I had a trip back to LA on the last weekend. It was super great, I stayed with my family in the hotel (this one sucked, but was so darn cheap, and I had to be ready f0r it) and we spent the most of my time in Pasadena, with my friends. (Finished a 750ml bottle of french cognac with a friend of mine, but would rather prefer beer for that night - didn't have beer for a while.)

Basically, that's all and I'm going to keep posting more regularly, otherwise, it's hard to refresh the memory later.