Thursday, May 7, 2009

One year round

I can't believe that my blog is staying alive for 1 year as for now. Well, it's not like I'm blogging for one year. I think I start blogging on regular basis starting 2004 or something like this, while doing occasional posts for a few years before that. However, I was doing a lot of more writing before 2004, being published at, BEA dev2dev, O'Reilly Network, etc. So, technically, posting to the blog didn't adjust well with my daily schedule. :)

However, my current blog is only 1 year old. It's a pretty new one. I wasn't very consistent in my relations with my own blogs. I used to try out different platforms, leaving old posts careless, I used to change design, change names and just removed blogs whenever I found them silly. (I constantly find my old posts silly, but I made a promise to myself not to remove them. :)

Hopefully, this blog will keep its right to live, in one way or another.