Saturday, May 16, 2009

Going forward with GMAT

Well, I'm going through the Cracking the GMAT 2009 Edition right now. I'm a little bit confused. I've passed through the hundred pages of the book, which is literally 20% of it and made some marks barely twice. I can't say this is good or bad, but definitely it'd be better to get the book with 20% discount then. :)

Right, some people may find it useful though. I can't estimate the level of all people who're approaching GMAT — so spending 20% of the book (so far) with very-very basic material could make some sense. However, I think my initial level is pretty low (for the range of scores that I'm aiming at), so such a cracking book only "cracks" my time, but not skills.

I had no chance to determine the level of questions that this book has (as they say, more then 250 practice questions are included). However, I hope they are good enough, otherwise, I'll be more sorry about waste money in addition to my time.

So far, I feel that it's more important to do more tests then read more theory. (Read: buy books with practice tests, prefer more advanced ones!) Many rules (tricks, hints, whatever you call them) that I see are repeating each other, so you basically learning nothing new.

Stay with me, it looks like I'm going to be back to GMAT review books very soon. :)

On the other note, today is a pretty hot day here in San Francisco Bay area. While nothing extraordinary comparing to what I used to experience in Southern California (Pasadena), it's still a little bit too much. Tomorrow is promised to be hotter. I feel like I'm ready to vote for the artificially regulated micro climates, where you can get sun bathes and swim on the sea side, but rest in cool area while at home. (This may sound like a signal to attack for obsessive environmentalists, but I don't care, really. I'd prefer not to destroy things around me, but my life and comfort takes the higher priority anyway.)