Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ruby trick

For those who are trapped into the same problem as I am.


Block below is valid for the block above:

def x(obj, atr)
    return obj.send(:atr)

Have fun! Please, let me know how will you use this code, if you find it useful at all. In example, I can see that it can be used for something like this:

p User.find(:first, :condition => {:userid => 1}).name

This will drop an exception, if there is no such user with id 1. However, you can call it through the wrapper:

def wrp(obj, atr)
  if obj.nil?
    return "N/A"
    return obj.send(:atr)
p wrp(User.find(:first, :condition => {:userid => 1}), name)

This might be awkward, but works well enough.

P.S. Here is the original question posted in Twitter and replies to it. (Thanks to Tweeplies.)