Sunday, May 17, 2009

My mentors for the Tuesday

Few words about the mentors, whom I will be listening to this Tuesday, as a part of Founder Institute program. They are:
  1. Trip Adler. I know that Trip graduated from Harvard and joined Y Combinator winter program right after the school with the Scribd. I was paying attention to what his startup does, as he was entering already established market (by my mind) with some pretty clear leaders on it at this time. I know that he was introducing a new experience to the same problem, but I never though it will be enough. While I found his startup interesting (comparing to other ventures produced by YC program), I was really wondering how far he can go on with it. As the time shows — he went far enough. :)
  2. Philip Kaplan. I wasn't very aware about who Philip is, except that he's founder of AdBrite advertisement network. I tried it once, but it didn't outperform the AdSense for me. I also know that Philip was a founder of Fucked Company, which he decided to abandon. I never used to be a fan of it, anyway. And one of the recent projects of Philip that I happen to be familiar with is Fast140, a Twitter fast typing game. Fun, but not really addictive for me.
  3. Jason Calacanis. I think first I met Jason at one of the startup events (few years ago) in Los Angeles. I don't really remember what was that, but it wasn't very interesting. Among that, I use to read Jason's maillist — I find it rather interesting. I heard that Jason is a very "weighted" person, and he performs a very deep investigation before starting something.
The list of mentors is impressive, so I'm preparing myself to a very productive session.