Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Calendar or TODO ?

Today I found myself using iCal for the first time during last three to four weeks. And it looks like a trend already.

I'm not using calendar any more. I have no need for it. Everything is going to my TODO list. Think about it. Every note in the calendar should require some action, otherwise, it's not worth noting it. Birthday? Send a gift. Meeting? Make sure to arrive in time.

Well, the day representation in TODO is often loose to calendar, however, with things like TeuxDeux, it's arguable.

And you still keep the day on schedule.

So what about you?

P.S. Well, I'm cheating a little bit. I still keep the availability notes for people other than me in the calendar, to make sure that I can adjust my upcoming plans according to theirs schedule as well. However, I should find the solution to this problem shortly, too.

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