Friday, February 12, 2010

Google Buzz is DOA ?

Horowitz said Google is considering separating Buzz from Gmail, so that people can participate independently from email. The company might also allow people on Buzz to claim new names and redirect anyone seeking them at their old profiles to the new locations. Horowitz says Google also continues to look at ensuring search is a good way for people to locate the “right” people, as well.

Google has responded quickly to some of the concerns raised this week. In a blog post Thursday, Buzz Product Manager Todd Jackson shared and explained three changes:

  1. More visible option to not show followers/people you follow on your public profile
  2. Ability to block anyone who starts following you
  3. More clarity on which of your followers/people you follow can appear on your public profile

Some users and industry watchers are still unimpressed with Google’s changes. It may be that ending the marriage of Buzz and Gmail is Google’s best option to address these ongoing concerns.

This is so funny.

My experience with Google Buzz was very mixed. It looks *great* at the same time as being *too much*. All this linkage of other sites and accounts gave me a strong feeling of the Friendfeed's chatroom applied to the wrong place. (I don't use Friendfeed, so excuse me offending, if I do.)

I'd say Buzz might be more interesting for me running separately though.

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