Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cheap vs Frugal

Since I could remember, my parents have been frugal. And not frugal like you maybe used to, but they’re down right cheap. So cheap that my mom doesn’t like my dad eating at Taco Bell because it’s expensive.

There are no doubts Neil is talented and successful entrepreneur. He also readily shares his experience with people around, what makes him even better person.

However, I can't agree on his point on "being cheap". Being cheap vs. being frugal is actually two different things. You can't make heavy money without living the money. Cheap people are poor and live unhappy lives.

Spend money to make money. If you can't go over few grands in your spending, how can you develop a world-domination plan if you have no idea how to operate big buck? (You know, I'm not talking literally, but still keep it close.)

The last point I'd like to mention is a tip left in comments to Neil's post (which are rather interesting, too):

..."Best things in live are not expensive. French are so go in extracting the best for live without expending too much(I’m spanish). In Caribbean a friend said: You go to eat to the places when french flags(the yachts have national flags) are, never go to the american flag sites, american people go to expensive sites and don’t care, they just care about being alone. It’s the same in Europe, french people know the best places of everywhere."

People, don't be cheap. Learn to live life and be easy on spending money. However, frugality is an essential skill you need to master. Spending money without being adequate about that is plain stupid.

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