Tuesday, October 13, 2009

JIRA for $10

Our best tools are just $10 per product. Perfect for startups and small teams.

Atlassian is breaking the news and giving away licenses to their products (including JIRA and Confluence) for $10 each.

$10 buys you 10 users. Forever. 10 users is the great cap for the most startups I know. Even if I'd be asked what is the best users cap, I would say 5 or 7. They give you 10.

The only downside that this is the price for downloadable versions. Unfortunately, we don't deploy much nowadays, as we prefer hosted solutions. Having a lot of headache with building something useful, we would prefer not to have this headache with "running" something useful. :)

Give us hosted solution for under $10/year and we are sold. Forever.

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