Friday, October 9, 2009

Free pitch

a) There is no circumstance where an angel investing group should charge a startup to pitch
b) We’ve launched an investigation into these groups and need any information you have
c) If you would spread the word about this issue by discussing it with angel investors and startups we would appreciate it
d) We are demanding that angel groups waive all fees starting today
e) We are going to crush any group that doesn’t comply with our demands
f) There is no negotiation
g) Angel forums upset by this email: Jason doesn’t care what you think of him and could care less if you email his investors, his mother or the Principal of the Internet to complain about his bad behavior (plus these folks get emails all the time and are used to it).

A class act from Jason again.

And, yes, I personally was approached by few shady guys trying to convince me to pay the "pitching fee", and no, I never paid and not planning to pay it ever. This is just not fair. One commitment (money) should be at least exchanged to another commitment, while it's given away for free.

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