Saturday, October 3, 2009

No more RC, time for CR

I'm done with the Reading Comprehension part of the "thin purple" GMAT book, now it's time for 82 Critical Reasoning questions.

So far I was keeping from 70 to 80% success rate on the RC questions. I don't know how good is that and how well does it convert to a real score. Probably it doesn't convert at all, but I still need at least some way to measure things and keep a track.

I should say I'm improving a little bit, as far as I remember as low as 50%+ rate at the very beginning (well, it depends on the size of the set, etc), but I feel a little bit more confident with some of those things.

I am probably doing okay with timing. I didn't time myself before, but it looks like I'm staying with the reasonable range. How many of you had a problem of missing clocks on GMAT? I'm trying to understand if this is an issue at all.

I'm forcing myself to do at least 40 questions daily. Sometimes it's tough, sometimes I can do 60 or two sets of 40. However, it doesn't seem to me that it's worth doing 60 at the same time, rather then doing the full exam (all 5 sections) instead. But I'll get there soon.

Few more books on math, basically to take care of the hardest ones, one on Sentence Correction (ouch!) and one on writing skills. After this I have a bunch of sample tests to work on and I'll probably schedule a time for exam. I'm trying not to make any assumptions on the timing, as it's likely I'll screw my plans and will feel bad of doing this. Besides, according to my previous test experience, as soon as I have a date on the table, I'm really all into prep. And I didn't screw too many of my exams before. (Well, just a few. :)

Whatever, bear with me and we'll see where this is all heading to.

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