Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stickered BMW

1 BMW 7series + 200 Stickers = Ultimate Social Experiment

I am Allen Hartwig (@allenhartwig). My BMW 7series is my pride and joy, my prized possession, my baby -- and I am about to completely deface it. Why? I want to run a little experiment. As a digital strategist for Pondry, I am a big believer in the digital world and social media. What I want to do is prove its power with my own test, and yes, at the expense of my precious BMW.

So what am I doing? Allowing 200 brands to slap their sticker on the body of my 745i. It brings a tear to my eye just saying it. But I will sacrifice my car to prove that companies can effectively get in front of thousands of consumers at very little cost.

If you are a brand that wants to play along, download the media kit — It starts at just $5. If you are just someone that wants to watch me destroy my beautiful car, follow along on Twitter (@brandmybmw).

Sounds a little bit like one, and seems not a new idea either, but from the other side, it doesn't need to be an innovation, but it's all about media coverage and sales.

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