Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crowns and the power of community

Since I wrote the first blog post about crowns on watches, even despite on a very short period passed, I discovered many more different models of watches, that utilize the unusual position of a crown.

Community rocks.

Even my recent blog post about 8 o'clock watches, which I thought to be a "steal", can be appended today by one more sample.

8 o'clock.
One of the pretty mature examples is Citizen Promaster. I think there are several models featuring the 8 o'clock crown, but this particular one is NY0054-04EB and it's pretty inexpensive.

- Citizen Promaster

So as for now I pretty much nailed down my list to all positions, but 5 & 7 and 1 & 11. While I'm starting to think that there is a reason for that -- placing a crown there will disturb either side of the lug, so why bother? -- it makes my challenge even more exciting to hunt them down.

Stay with me. ;)

See the complete list of crowns on watches here in my blog.