Monday, August 31, 2009

How to get rid of T-Mobile. Free.

Tmobile will be raising overage rates September 1st, and customers can use it to cancel without early termination fee.

Well, big thanks to the smart guys at Consumerist pointing us to, those who are fed up with T-mobile, but stuck with long contract, can now use the changes in T-mobile policy and cancel without paying the cancellation fee or whatever else is involved.

Yep, you will have to fight for your rights. But this should not be surprising to you (if you have spent at least several years in US). Telecoms working with consumers love to give them a hard time and neglect their rights.

At least you have a possibility now.

P.S. I'm a T-mobile customer and okay with its service. I would say even more. I'm okay with the less service I'm getting from T-mobile in favor of not dealing with AT&T. ;)

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