Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crowns (cont'd)

It looks like my last post about watches and crowns created some resonance around.

I've started a similar topic on WUS and run a poll on it. By the way -- I love polls. That's a great tool to learn what people think even if they hate to comment.

Many good results came so far. First of all, the watches with crown on the back. These ones are going to be added shortly, as soon as I'll sort out my bookmarks or get some insights into such watches. From what I know, the back-crowned watches are mostly vintage ones.

The other thing. It looks like the most of people who commented the post do like 3 o'clock crowns. However, according to the poll, almost 50% of the people who answered, like the unusual positions of the crown. That's all an interesting stats that I think some watchmakers should take into consideration.

It'd be interesting how the poll develops. I try to keep an eye on it and crosspost the changes here.