Sunday, August 30, 2009

Did Twitter screw up something?

Well, promptly after writing a quick post on reading for GMAT, I mentioned that my blog miss something. My Twitter feed.

At the same time, though, my Twitter account actually works just fine. Hopefully, this is rather minor issue, although it looks like it stays for several minutes so far.

On the other note, what are you using for online annotating of screenshots, images and whatever note? I'm talking about all these fancy notes, comments, blocks, arrows -- I mean -- all the things you're using to communicate your visuals to somebody else?

I've tried PicBite, but actually didn't like it at all. The only thing it can do is this pretty silly rectangle with strange-direction pointing arrow, that I can't change, but can add a second one (or maybe third, and forth, and fifth...).

The good thing about it that it was easy to upload and it automatically advised to resize the image (good point!).

The bad thing (except that it doesn't do much), that it can't host the image to be shown, as well as doesn't give me a good way to download it and so on and so forth.

So what's your secret weapon in annotating things online?